Faith*Family*Friends*(& Coffee)

Getting a Glimpse

Back in December, I posted this on Instagram: We had been back in the States for about 4 months, with zero clue as to what we were doing next. We had no idea if we would head back overseas or stay here in the U.S. I remember during that time, however, I had so many, many moments like the one above. Moments where my breath was stolen by a love for this place like I’ve never known before. I was born in Arizona....

When You’re Not Who You Thought You Were

I slowly sipped the steaming coffee, letting it soothe me with it’s warmth. As I cupped the mug in my hands, my eyes lingered on the faded Scottish flag painted upon it. We had bought it while in Scotland on a work trip back years ago. Back then there was no mistaking the stark white X slicing through the vibrant blue background. Today? You have to know what it used to be to recognize it. I feel like that...

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